About Danube Fund

Danube Fund is a platform for better quality of public spaces and richer life on the river. It is run as a programme of Central European Foundation since its launch in 2015. Within the fund we create space for productive discussion a sharing of information between relevant stakeholders, which are operating in the Slovak section of river Danube, including its branches. We believe, that openness, fairness of relations and cooperation is the way to systematic and foresighted care and management of river areas. We gather human and financial resources and know-how to help us reach goals outlined in the Danube Fund Charter:
to enable easy, safe and authentic contact of people and river
to make conditions for comfortable movement along/across the river
to protect rich wildlife and natural ecosystems on the river
to nurture relations between neighbourhoods, cultures and nations on the river
to and search for balance between various human activities while promoting communication and enabling cooperation.